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Reliable Car Engine Repair & Maintenance Al Quoz Dubai UAE

One of the most expensive repairs in the automotive business is engine repair Al Quoz. Fortunately, you can avoid this costly problem and keep your engine running with regular maintenance. Our expert technicians at Al Madina auto garage take the health of your engine very seriously to prevent future engine failures and the need for replacement.

Car Engine Maintenance Services in Al Quoz by Al Madina Garage

If you notice an oil leak or any other indicator of an engine problem, don’t wait to get it checked out. Today is the day to bring your car to your Al Madina auto shop. Our skilled mechanics will diagnose the problem and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

The Engine is Rumbling

This noise is frequently heard when the car is accelerating. It is commonly referred to as a pinging or rattling sound. When the piston travels up on the compression stroke, the heat ignites an air/fuel mixture in the engine cylinder prematurely, resulting in this noise.

Repairs on Turbochargers

Almost all turbocharger problems may fix in the right hands. It’s more vital to figure out what’s wrong with the turbocharger and how to fix it. Here are a handful of important repair recommendations to consider when diagnosing turbocharger issues.


Modern cars have 15 to 30 sensors to keep everything running smoothly. For the best performance, these sensors regulate everything in the engine. In a modern vehicle, there are over 70 sensors in all. They feed critical data parameters to the car’s Engine Control Unit, allowing it to regulate various engine activities successfully. Engine sensors are electromechanical devices that generally monitor various engine parameters.

Filters for Diesel Particulates

A diesel particulate filter is a filter that catches and stores exhaust soot (also known as soot traps) to minimize diesel vehicle emissions.

However, because they have a limited capacity, this trapped soot must be discharged or ‘burned off’ regularly to replenish the car engine.

This regeneration process effectively burns off the excess soot accumulated in the filter, lowering harmful exhaust emissions and preventing the tell-tale black smoke associated with diesel vehicles, especially while accelerating.

Repairs for Turbo Injectors

If you identify the problem early enough, clogged injectors may typically fix. A fuel injector might get fully clogged because of years of neglect or a lack of regular engine repair in Al Quoz. If that’s the case, a refurbished replacement may be your only choice.

Diesel and Gasoline Engines

Diesel autos have higher maintenance costs than gasoline cars due to the higher cost of diesel vehicle consumables such as engine oil and spare parts. On the other hand, a petrol engine has a longer life than a diesel engine.

Head Gasket Replacement in Dubai

Changing the engine is much more expensive than simply changing the head gasket. So, unless your cylinder head is irreparably broken, which you won’t know unless you remove the cylinder head, the most cost-effective option is to replace the gasket.

Service for Cambelts and Timing Belts

Unless there is a fault, the timing chain does not need to be replaced. Is the timing chain immune to mechanical failure? To put it bluntly, it isn’t. Timing chain problems are common, especially in older vehicles with many miles on them.

Engine Oil Pump

Low oil pressure, excessive engine temperature, and noise are the three main symptoms your oil pump needs to repair or replace. While most drivers will never need to replace their oil pumps, it is crucial to be aware of the indications if your vehicle develops problems.

Camshaft Belt Issues in the Engine

When your timing belt wears out or fails, it can cause the cylinders in your car’s engine to open and close out of sync. Because this can result in an engine misfire, you should replace your timing belt immediately.

Problem with the Engine’s Fuel Pump

The engine’s performance dips and sputters if the fuel pump can’t provide a continuous supply of fuel to it. You may notice the car surges when the engine isn’t getting the correct amount of gasoline due to a faulty fuel pump.

Smoke is Coming from the Engine

Overheating causes smoke to escape from car engines. Overheated liquids like oil, transmission fluid, and braking fluid can all contribute to this. Faulty wire casings, hot residues on the engine block, and overheated liquids such as oil, transmission fluid, and braking fluid. There could be a problem with your cooling system or a lack of oil in your engine.

The Valve in the Engine Damaged

Misfiring can also be caused by bent or burned valves. It means that when your automobile is moving, the engine may jolt, stall, or hesitate. Your fuel consumption may rise if your car is misfiring due to a defective valve. These are just a few of the many signs of a faulty exhaust or intake valve.


The bottom enclosure of the engine is created by the stamped or cast metal oil pan that also serves as a lubricating oil reservoir, or sump, and the section of the cylinder block below the cylinder bores.

Pump for Water

A belt linked to the engine’s crankshaft drives the automobile water pump, a simple centrifugal pump. The pump circulates the liquid when the engine is operating.

Why is Al Madina garage Reliable for Car Engine Repair?

Hundreds of high-temperature moving parts and electrical systems, as well as intricate mechanical components, make up your engine, which is truly a manufacturing marvel. It’s easy to overlook your engine, but it’s what gets you from point A to point B safely and reliably–which is why you shouldn’t neglect its care and maintenance.

The following items are often included in engine maintenance in Al Quoz to help extend the life of your engine at Dar Al Madina Garage:

  • Replace the spark plugs.
  • Inspection of the spark plug wires
  • Repairs on turbochargers.
  • All engine components are thoroughly inspected.

Your engine is a sophisticated machine with many moving parts that will wear down over time. Our professional technicians at Al Madina auto garage are capable of resolving any engine issues you may have.