How to Make Mercedes Engine Works Longer?

 How to Make Mercedes Engine Works Longer?

Mercedes engines are renowned for their exceptional performance, reliability, and engineering precision. Combining cutting-edge technology with decades of automotive expertise, they deliver impressive power and fuel efficiency, elevating the driving experience. From luxury sedans to high-performance sports cars, Mercedes engines exemplify the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Our Dar Al Madina Garage is providing support and assistance in a variety of vehicles and has experience and specialty in Mercedes Benz vehicles and its engine. Besides our Mercedes repair services in Dubai, your Mercedes needs to be maintained properly. Here are a few main tips to keep your Mercedes engine in good condition for years.

Professional Service

Adhere to Mercedes’ recommended maintenance schedule from experienced and professional Mercedes Benz specialists. Checkups from car repair in Al Quoz guarantees you years of experience dealing with Mercedes engine. Routine service from professional Mercedes garages in Dubai helps prevent wear and tear, identifies potential issues early on, and preserves engine performance.

High-Quality Oil and Fuel

Choose premium-grade fuels and change engine oil regularly. Refill engine oil that meets Mercedes’ specifications. Quality fuel and oil provide better lubrication and combustion, reducing engine stress and promoting longevity. The recommended time for an oil change is generally once a year.

Genuine Oil Filters

Genuine oil filters ensure optimal filtration and protection for your engine. They are specifically designed to fit perfectly and maintain the engine’s longevity by preventing contaminants from entering critical components. Invest in genuine filters and contact our reliable car repair in Al Quoz to guarantee the highest quality and avoid low-quality filters.

Types of Mercedes Benz Engines

With the passing years, Mercedes Benz engines are getting updated. Every engine has its unique requirements for maintenance. Here are some of the Mercedes engine types:

·         Mercedes Benz 111,112,113 V4, V6, and V8 engines

111, 112, and 113 are different engine families. The V4 engines were primarily used in early compact cars. V6 engines offered a balance of performance and efficiency, powering mid-range models. V8 engines are known for their power and smoothness. These engines were used in years from the 1990s to the late 2000s and have proved to be highly reliable. They work well and are strong even over 300,000 miles. These engines may experience oil leaks that are repairable in the Mercedes engine repair garage.

We at Dar Al Madina Garage concentrate on valve cover gasket leaks and rear main seal leaks which are important for maintaining engine health. The valve cover gasket seals the top of the engine and prevents oil leaks. The oil leaks will drip on the exhaust and cause a burning smell. A rear main seal leak occurs at the back of the engine, where the crankshaft connects to the transmission. If the rear main seal is too old, then it gets hard and allows oil leaks between the transmission and engine.

Our mechanics are experts in inspecting and addressing these leaks that ensure future engine performance, prevent oil loss, and avoid potential damage to vital components.

·         Mercedes Benz M272, M273 V6 and V8 engines

These engines are manufactured from the mid-2000s until around 2011. Both engines incorporate advanced technologies, such as variable camshaft timing, and variable valve lift, to enhance performance, and fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions. They contributed to the reputation of Mercedes-Benz for delivering powerful and refined driving experiences. The more the upgradation, increases complexity. For dealing with such type of complexity, our team is well efficient and up to date. Check engine code can indicate camshaft deviation issues. These issues should be caught early. This engine requires frequent oil service with proper engine oil for removing dirt deposits in the engine and there should be no vacuum leaks on the intake that can allow unfiltered air into the engine.

If you will address these issues on time, then this will result in the Mercedes engine repair in Dubai, UAE.

Mercedes Benz BlueTEC diesel engine

Mercedes Benz BlueTEC diesel engines are essential for their advanced emissions control technology, significantly reducing nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions. They improve fuel efficiency and meet stringent environmental standards. Common engine repairs for BlueTEC engines may include oil leaking from the engine oil cooler seals, the valve cover gaskets, and the turbocharger intake seals. These issues should be looked at by professionals. BlueTEC additive is one of the additions to the BlueTEC diesel engine. BlueTEC additive is a urea-based solution (AdBlue) that is responsible for controlling nitrogen oxide emissions, making them more environmentally friendly. This solution level should be checked and top off at every oil change schedule.

Best Engine Oil for Your Mercedes Benz

The best Mercedes engine oil is one that meets the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations for your specific model and engine type. Mercedes-Benz typically recommends using synthetic engine oils that meet certain viscosity and performance standards, such as SAE 0W-40, SAE 5W-30, or SAE 5W-40.

To ensure you are using the right engine oil, always refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual or consult with an authorized Mercedes-Benz service Garage. Using the correct and recommended engine oil will help maintain optimal engine performance, fuel efficiency, and longevity for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

When should the Mercedes Engine Need a Complete Rebuild?

At Dar Al Madina, car repair in Al Quoz, our certified mechanics are experts in maintaining your Mercedes-Benz engine and will provide the required repair services so that rarely anyone’s engine will need a complete rebuild.

A Mercedes engine may need a complete rebuild when it experiences severe and irreparable internal damage or wear due to various factors such as extended use without proper maintenance, overheating, oil leaks, or contamination. Common signs include excessive smoke, loss of power, loud knocking noises, and increased oil consumption. The need for a rebuild can vary based on individual engine conditions and driving habits.

Regular maintenance, timely repairs, and using high-quality oils can significantly extend the engine’s life, reducing the likelihood of a complete rebuild. Our qualified mechanics are available to assess the engine’s condition and recommend a rebuild if necessary.


To get the most miles out of a Mercedes engine, prioritize regular maintenance, adhering to the manufacturer’s service schedule. Use genuine parts, high-quality oils, and fuels that meet specifications. Avoid aggressive driving and excessive idling to reduce wear and tear. Keep an eye on fluid levels and address any issues promptly. Maintain proper cooling system function and ensure the engine doesn’t overheat. Timely repairs and addressing minor problems can prevent major issues.

At last, choosing our reputable service center in Dubai will make you tension-free for repairing or any other service of Mercedes-Benz.

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