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Best Car Oil Change Service & Auto Spare Parts in Al Quoz Dubai

Dar Al Madina garage will replace the old oil in your car during a change oil service and replace the oil filter. We will also grease an oil change client’s chassis components venturing. The procedure of changing a car’s oil takes a long time, which is where our service comes in. You can make a reservation quickly by phone or through our website, designed to be as convenient as possible. You can stay at home while we change the oil on your automobile, confident in the quality of our job. Here are some benefits of oil & filter change service & auto spare parts in Al Quoz:

  • Increase gas mileage.
  • Emissions are reduced.
  • Prevent the accumulation of sludge.
  • Performance has improved.
  • The longevity of the engine is preserved.

Car Oil Change Service & Auto Spare Parts Al Quoz

Make a reservation at our website or visit our garage for the best and most convenient auto change oil service for enhanced mileage and engine efficiency. Here are the services provided by Dar Al Madina garage:

Oil Change of Superior Quality

Premium motor oil has qualities and additives that are advantageous to automobiles when getting oil change service in Al Quoz, particularly those with high mileage. Manufacturers will incorporate certain detergents in the engines that benefit from synthetic motor oils. Dar Al Madina garage believes that higher octane (premium) gasoline produces better fuel economy and is better for your engine than lower octane (regular) fuel.

Oil Flushing Service

Is an engine flush required? A good engine flush can aid in the removal of deposits and the dissolution of sludge, restoring your engine to like-new condition with good auto spare parts in Al Quoz. However, with old engines with many miles on them, the engine sludge may be the only thing keeping engine oil from leaking through worn or damaged seals. Dar Al Madina garage engine flush is a chemical added aftermarket to your engine to remove accumulated deposits, sludge, and other junk. Get car change oil services & you pour it into the oil-filler port of your engine let it idle for around 10-15 minutes.

Comprehensive Inspection and Computer Diagnostics

Dar Al Madina garage car diagnostic checks scan your vehicle’s components and systems for problems with components such as the engine, transmission, oil tank, throttle, and many more & provide the best possible solution with auto spare parts Al Quoz. Most automotive diagnostic tests are performed with mechanics. We require specific devices and experience to read accurately.

Our diagnostics are provided at no additional cost to you. When you leave our repair center, we want you to feel certain that our professionals have thoroughly inspected the items on which your car or truck is most reliant. Our top goal is your safety and satisfaction.

Clean the Air Filter & Air Conditioner Filter

You’re certainly aware that your car’s engine has an air filter, but did you know that the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system may also have one? The cabin air filter, also known as an engine air filter, serves the same purpose for your HVAC system that the engine air filter does for your car’s engine. Believe it or not, your cabin filter can have an impact on your AC system, and the AC can have a significant impact on the overall power of the car. If your filter is clogged, you may need to turn up the air conditioning. The harder your air conditioner works, the harder the engine works.

Oil Change Service for 5k and 10k Miles in Al Quoz

Oil change intervals vary according to vehicle age, oil type, and driving conditions. It used to be standard practice to change the oil every 3,000 miles, but with existing lubricants, most engines now have suggested oil change intervals ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 miles.

Top-ups of Fluid

If your brake fluid level falls below the ‘low’ mark, you should top it off. If you check the level soon after and it is still low, you may leak a brake system. Worn brake pads can also cause it; as brake calipers move further, more brake fluid enters the system. The bad breaking system is harmful to Car suspensions and may cause accidents as a result it is better to get your breaks repaired at Dar Al Madina. 

Free 150-Point Inspection

The more areas that are inspected and tested for functionality, the higher the quality of the vehicle. Because of the number of regions, parts, and components inspected, 150-point inspections are superior to 70-point examinations.

What is the Purpose of a Car Oil Change Service?

The engine of an automobile is only as good as its transmission. The engine is the heart of the vehicle and should be serviced regularly. Engine oil is intended to lubricate all of the engine’s internal components. As a result, a car oil change service is a vital aspect of any auto repair procedure.

Removing friction enables smoother operations, improved protection, and longer engine life. A routine car oil change service is critical in keeping your engine clean and clear of excess dust and dirt, especially in a region like Dubai.

How Often You Should take Oil Change Service at Dar Al Madina Garage?

It is mostly determined by the make and model of your vehicle, as well as your normal driving behavior. While the jury is still out when you should get your car oil changed, our professional staff recommends changing your oil every 5,000 kilometers.

Oil filter replacement regularly will save you money and extend the life of your car. Oil also absorbs other dangerous particles produced during the combustion process and directs them to the filter, which filters out the dust and pollutants to produce clean, free-flowing oil. The oil and filter work together to keep your car’s engine running at peak efficiency.

Dar Al Madina garage mechanics can verify that your engine oil is clean and that the running components of your engine are properly lubricated at the end of each fill, oil, and filter replacement. Visit the Al Madina garage to have your engine serviced by skilled experts.


Dar Al Madina garage in Al Quoz Dubai provides oil changes service and oil filter replacements to help safeguard your engine and keep it operating smoothly—oil changes and filter replacements aid in maximizing vehicle performance and extending the life of your vehicle.

Oil is responsible for lubricating the moving elements of your vehicle’s engine and reducing friction between them. Because the engine generates a significant amount of heat, oil works as a cooling agent as it circulates through the engine.