A Complete Guide to Vehicle Inspection & Testing in Dubai

 A Complete Guide to Vehicle Inspection & Testing in Dubai
  • The procedure for testing vehicles in Dubai
  • Essential types of vehicle tests
  • Vehicle inspection and testing fees in Dubai
  • List of Best Car Inspection Centres in Dubai

To ensure maximum road safety for everyone, the government has made testing and car inspection mandatory for all cars in Dubai. According to Emirates law, all cars in Dubai must be in good working conditions to reduce the possibility of accidents due to malfunction. The annual registration renewal is only possible after the mandatory vehicle test.

To get their vehicles tested, car owners take them to RTA-approved customer centers. Vehicles that fail the test are declared unsafe to drive on road inspection until repaired. This guide completes everything you need to know about best car inspection Dubai.

Vehicle Testing Procedure in Dubai

New cars are free from yearly inspections for the first three years after purchase. After that, an annual inspection is required to renew the car’s registration. For drivers, the RTA has expedited the vehicle testing procedure. The procedures for testing and inspecting vehicles in Dubai are as follows:

Go to the Vehicle Inspection Centre: Take your vehicle to the authorized vehicle inspection location. Make sure the car is empty of any valuables.

Testing Procedure: Your car will be tested in the inspection rooms. The procedure is shown on a screen.

Get Results: After it’s done, you’ll find out whether your car passed or failed the test.

If Repairs Are Required: If your car does not pass the RTA test, you have thirty-one days to have the required repairs done, per the inspection specialist’s recommendations, and retest the vehicle.

Getting through the Test: Should your car pass, you’ll get a “passed” certificate, sometimes referred to as a vehicle test certificate or an automobile passing certificate.

Renewal of Registration: If you pass, a new date sticker and vehicle registration card will be sent to you.

Unregistered Automobiles: The test certificate is good for one month for unregistered cars.

Documents Required to Start the Testing Process

You must take the following documents with you to the car inspection Dubai.

  • Emirates ID
  • Commercial license copies and vehicle registration cards.
  • Vehicle Test Types

Every year, cars in Dubai are required to pass a roadworthiness test. The RTA has established the following vehicle inspection tests to guarantee compliance and safety:

Defect Test: Carried out at the location of Vehicle Testing Partners following a remote defect detection or roadside inspection.

Export Test: A car must be tested before exporting outside the United Arab Emirates to ensure it meets the requirements.

New Vehicle Registration Test: This test is required to register a car bought from a licensed dealer. It is also necessary for ownership transfers and re-registrations.

Periodic Vehicle Test: Every year, all vehicles in Dubai that are three years old or older must undergo a periodic vehicle test. You must take this test to renew your driver’s license.

Retests: After the necessary modifications and repairs are completed, a car that fails any of the aforementioned tests must be tested again.

Car Inspection and Testing Fees in Dubai

Following is the list of fees auto garages charge for the best car inspection Dubai:

Monthly Vehicle Test Fees: 150 AED for heavy and light vehicles.

Registration Test Fees for New Vehicles: Around 120 for light cars and 150 AED for heavy.

Fees For Retest: 32 AED for light tests and AED 50 for heavy vehicles.

Expert Test: About 25 AED for light vehicles and 25 AED for extra loaded cars.

List Of Best Car Inspection Centres in Dubai

The following is a list of some famous service centers that offer the best car inspection Dubai. The transport and road authority manages all these centers. Each VTC provides different inspection and testing services.

Dar AL Madina Garage


Contact Number: + 971 4388 3886

Timing: Monday to Saturday, 7:30 am -7:30 pm


Location: Ras Al Khor Road, OTE Complex, Al Aweer, Dubai.

Contact Number:  04-706-9900

Timing: Mon-Sat 8:00 am to 10:00 pm


Location: Warsan University City Street, Dubai

Contact Number: 04-333-6679

Timing: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm


Location: Al Qusasi Industrial Area 2, 199 Beirut Road, Dubai

Contact Number: 04-267-1117

Timing: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm


Location: Al Jadaf, behind Al Wasl, DUBAI

Contact Number: 04-251-4789

Timing: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm


Location: 23rd street, Barsha Mall, Dubai

Contact Number: 04-325-5510

Timing: 7:00 am TO 9:30 pm

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