Are Luxury BMW Oil Leaks a Common Problem?

 Are Luxury BMW Oil Leaks a Common Problem?

For decades, the BMW brand has represented unrivalled excellence and performance. Whenever someone sees the white and blue geometric image resembling an airplane, European luxury and German engineering come to mind. Even though BMWs are made of premium and allure materials, they are not perfect. Like any other vehicle, luxury BMWs are prone to mechanical problems like oil leaks. Let’s explore the essential causes of BMW oil leaks.

A Common BMW Oil Leak Causes a Compromised Drain Plug

Broken drains and worn-out plugs are among the primary causes of BMW oil leaks. The drain plug underneath your luxury BMW is where, oil is drained during an oil change, engine. If you have an oil leak originating from the drain plug, it may be due to an unexperienced German mechanic performing the oil change process. 

Besides, most BMW drain plugs will generally experience wear and tear. After some time, it becomes corroded, and the seal no longer covers the hole. Fortunately, replacing a BMW oil drain plug is relatively simple and easy.

1. The Valve Gasket Covers Significant Problems that Can Cause BMW Oil Leaks

Your valve gasket cover is a seal that connects the valve cover and engine; the valve gasket cover is essential in keeping oil in the spaces where needed. During operation, engine oil flows throughout your engine; however, if there is an issue with your valve gasket cover, the oil will spell out all around the engine. It often results in a pool on the ground. A valve cover leak can feature a drain plug oil leak, so it is essential to have an experienced European vehicle mechanic diagnose and inspect the underlying cause. 

2. Infrequent Oil Changes Can Cause BMW Oil Leaks

BMW and all other automobile manufacturers suggest you have an oil change at significant intervals. It is essential to stick to this interval. Failure to do so can increase maintenance expenses and lead to more expensive engine repairs. For repairs, dirty oil will corrode and break down the part it’s supposed to protect. 

Old motor oil is full of tiny particles. The older the motor oil is, the more challenging it will be for your BMW to remove the impurities. As this old, particle-filled motor oil moves throughout your components, engine, and parts, it will start to wear down because of contamination and sludge, resulting in BMW oil leaks. This emphasizes the necessity of regular oil changes, as the manufacturer recommends.

3. Timing Gasket Cover Leaks

Your timing gasket cover is a seal that protects the connection between your engine block and timing cover. The rubber gaskets can shrink or harden, allowing oil to seep out. If the primary cause of your BMW oil leak is a timing gasket cover, you may also have a coolant leak. 

4. Other essential causes of BMW oil leaks 

 In addition to the previously mentioned causes, BMW oil leaks may also be caused by the following conditions:

  • Your BMW mileage
  • Alternator bracket seal
  • Driving conditions and habits
  • Untightened oil filter cap
  • Oil filter housing gasket
  • The age of your BMW
  • Quality and consistency of oil care
  • Pre-existing and unaddressed issues

Contact Dar AL Madina Garage for BMW Oil Leak Repair

Taking care of your oil system is a step toward preventing BMW oil leaks. For beginners, it is essential to have a regular oil change by a qualified and experienced European mechanic. A few tips for ongoing oil maintenance are:

  • Regularly inspect the quality, fullness and clarity of oil. 
  • Talk to your professional mechanic about which filters and oil are best for your vehicle and your driving habits. 
  • Never skip an oil change.
  • Always stick to the BMW-recommended oil change interval.

Our expert Dar Al Madina Garage mechanic will inspect the engine and other components for minor issues. If detected early enough, issues and minor leaks can be remedied in the most budget-friendly manner. Because of this, expert maintenance at Dar al Madina is your best line of defence against BMW oil leaks. Contact Dar AL Madina today, call us at +971 4388 3886

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