Common Noises That Can Be A Sign Of Serious Problems In Your Car

 Common Noises That Can Be A Sign Of Serious Problems In Your Car

Our car is one of the investments we made in life. It is necessary to notice if your car is making any unusual noise. If you keep ignoring the noises it may put you in danger because some of the car noises must be determined and must be a quick fix. For this reason, you need a car service station in Al Quoz. Dar Al Madina is the pioneer and is the most trusted car garage in Al Quoz. Get in touch for our services at the best car garage in Al Quoz.

When to visit the Car Repair Garage Al Quoz?

Each noise in your car is an indication of a problem. In this article, we will explain the common noises of a car that must not be neglected. In this regard, listed below are the car noises that can be a sign of serious problems in your car:

1.      Grating sound when braking:

It’s crucial to take your automobile to a car mechanic in Al Quoz as soon as you notice a peculiar grating noise when braking so they can examine the brakes and perform any necessary maintenance. The issue can occasionally be resolved by changing the brake pads. You will need to repair or resurface the rotors if they are damaged.

This noise is made due to the brake pads being worn down, having issues with the brake rotor, or some foreign object caught into the brakes. Your car brakes need to be replaced if heard such noises.

Brake Repair Service in Quoz:

Changing the front or back brake pads: You have the option of changing your brake pads individually or in pairs (front and back) at the same time. At Dar al Madina, your car mechanic in Al Quoz can take care of the requirement. If your front or back brake pads need to be fixed or changed. It’s also important to remember that the rate of wear on your front and back brake pads varies greatly.

2.      Screeching sound at turnouts:

This noise is made when your car’s power steering system has an issue. Hydraulic fuel is used by power steering on turnouts. The screeching sound is an indication that either the brake fluids of the car are low or the power steering system is leaking. Additionally, the possibility of worn-out suspension components must also be remembered.

Why Dar Al Madina car service station?

Our expert mechanics are well-skilled to judge the purpose of screeching. They know how each of the conditions must be handled efficiently. We are a car mechanic in Al Quoz who is trusted by 5000+ customers.

3.      Shaking against the bumps:

If your automobile shakes when you hit a bump, your suspensions or struts may need to be replaced. It is advised to have your Car Suspension checked out by a car mechanic in Al Quoz if you hear this loud noise.

Loose change or other tiny things bouncing about in your automobile are other potential sources of shakes. If you are having problems locating the shaking origin. There’s a chance that the exhaust system is the source. If you believe this to be the issue, you should get your automobile serviced as soon as possible. This case is the serious one.

How Dar al Madina can assist you with the replacement of suspensions/ shock   absorbers?

Being a Best car garage in Al Quoz, we’re dedicated to delivering sincere, upfront, and efficient vehicle servicing and maintenance. Our ASE-certified specialists are prepared to identify the problem, walk you through your repair choices, and get you back on the road with an assurance of the condition of your vehicle.

4.      Gurgling or dripping liquids:

It can indicate a coolant leakage or brake fluid/ oil leak. They must not be ignored and should be fixed faster before further damage.

The cause of the gurgling or dripping liquid noise can be a hole or crack in the system. Another reason for the leakage might be a loose connection.

Why Opt Dar al Madina car repair garage Al Quoz?

Dar al Madina provides ultra-quality services so that your automobile doesn’t have to visit a car service station often. Our professional and skilled experts take the condition of your car very seriously. If it needs any replacement or a check. We are credible in resolving such deliberate issues.

5.      Squeaking when the engine is turned on:

Anything from a weak fan belt to a broken water pump might be the root of the problem. If the noise is coming from the engine, it can be a sign that the engine has suffered significant damage.

It can be just oil deficiency that can produce the noise but it can be a very problematic thing as well. It is better to take your car to the car service station as soon as you feel any abnormality or unusual noise from the engine.

What are the Dar al Madina Services for Engine Repair?

To make your engine last longer, Dar Al Madina Garage in Al Quoz frequently includes the following components in engine maintenance:

  • Switch out the spark plugs.
  • spark plug wires are examined
  • turbocharger repair work.
  • Each and every engine part is carefully examined.

6.      Crackling Noise when you accelerate:

This noise may be caused due to multiple reasons. One of the most common reasons is that your engine is out of the required fuel. It can occur if the fuel line has a blockage or the fuel pump is not functioning as it must be.

Furthermore, a defective ignition system is still another cause for cracking sound while accelerating. Spark plugs or the induction coil may be at fault in this situation.

What to expect from Dar Al Madina?

The crackling noise of the car can be as risky as it can be a misfire in the engine or it can be as less severe as a loose connection of the heat shield. However, leaking exhaust can be a reason also. When the engine is under pressure or a hole is present in the exhaust system, such crackling noises are produced. Listed below are some solutions provided by Dar al Madina for such noises:

  • You must keep checking on the engine condition to avoid any hazards while moving from point A to B.
  • Get it your engine and loose connection checked and Get all major or minor problems fixed ASAP to avoid critical damage.
  • Do not let your engine run on all of its fuel.
  • Fix turbochargers


Car sounds should not be disregarded since they may indicate a problem. It is better to have a qualified mechanic diagnose the issue.

Visit Dar al Madina Garage if you are in Al Quoz. We at our car service station, offer simple and rapid vehicle repair services. You may resume driving as soon as possible. Regardless of how big or little your auto repair requirements are, we are here to help. Whether you require a major repair, new tires, or an oil change, we can do it swiftly and effectively as per your automobile’s requirements.

So what are you delaying? Quickly get your automobile for the fixture at the car repair garage in Al Quoz!

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