Mercedes Service Dubai AL Quoz: Dar AL Madina Leading the Way

 Mercedes Service Dubai AL Quoz: Dar AL Madina Leading the Way

Car fans understand the value of a sound maintenance vehicle. But also pay attention to its longevity. Mercedes-Benz is a luxury car brand that has been around for a long time. Its luxury vehicles are known for their durability and reliability, which makes them an excellent choice for long-term ownership. Unfortunately, the extreme climate of Dubai can take a toll on your car. Worse still, the harsh terrain can make navigating your car without sustaining damage challenging. However, your Mercedes Benz vehicles need routine maintenance and checks to keep them in the best shape. 

At Dar AL Madina Mercedes service garage, we have highly trained technicians conversant with Mercedes Benz’s electrical system and sophisticated mechanical. We use advanced and cutting-edge tools to get the job done. This makes us the go-to place for all your vehicle needs in UAE (AL Quoz, Dubai). From AC system repair to brake repair services for perfect driving climate, our comprehensive range of Mercedes service Dubai, coupled with excellent customer service and quality artistry, will keep your precious Mercedes Benz in peak condition for longer. 

We know you love your luxury Mercedes, so we will show it the love it deserves. However, the climate of Dubai is not car-friendly, so you must ensure you get your Mercedes serviced regularly. 

Mercedes Service in Dubai: 11 Most Common Mercedes Repair Issues

Mercedes has had an excellent couple of years, with more than 1.18 million vehicles sold in the first half of 2019. The majority of these were in Asia Pacific and Europe. With all of these high-quality and new vehicles on the road, they will surely need repair and maintenance. However, Mercedes owners will go anywhere for Mercedes-Benz maintenance. At Dar al Madina, we specialize in working with Mercedes types of vehicles. Because of this, we see various mechanical problems that repeatedly pop up with most of the Mercedes in Dubai. This list goes over the most common issues Mercedes owners experience. 

1. Mercedes Suspension and Steering Problems

This problem tends to afflict Mercedes with high mileage. If your vehicle is going to travel over 100,000 km, then you need to have your suspension and steering maintained and inspected regularly. One simple way to prevent essential problems later is to have your car aligned and balanced as part of your regular Mercedes maintenance and repair schedule. This will ensure all components wear correctly and evenly. 

2. Engine Mounts

Suppose your Mercedes has run up some kilometers. Usually, if it is more than 100,000 km, your engine mounts are at risk of leakage. If you hear and feel a new vibration, this is a sign that your engine mounts have started to fail. The vibration can be noticed in the steering wheel, cabin, and seat. 

3. Engine Wiring Harness

This is one of the main problems that is especially prevalent here in the Middle East, Dubai, where summer temperatures can reach the highest in the world. Because of these extreme temperatures, your precious Mercedes in Dubai will suffer. The insulation around the engines will crack and become superheated. These cracks now expose the engine and vehicle to risk.

4. Oil Leaks

If your Mercedes is newer or 1995, there is a risk of graphite buildup from the clutch. When this issue happens, oil can begin to leak. 

5. Ignition Coils and Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs will naturally give out. This is standard required repair and maintenance for all your precious vehicles. Moving around 45000 to 60000 kilometers, you must replace your spark plugs. This will prevent damage and power loss to your engine ignition components. 

6. Carbon Buildup and Catalytic Converters

On the list, this is one of the more expensive repairs and is required to be inspected every 120000 kilometers. The work of a catalytic converter to clean the exhaust air coming from the engine before it turns out into the environment. A clean catalytic converter reduces the buildup of unrequired carbon in the engine. 

7. Transmission Problems

Essential components are prone to failure because of continued use in transmissions. The printed circuit and the valve body will eventually require replacement. Mercedes takes excellent care in producing transmissions that shift fluently. So, if your vehicle’s transmission is shifting rough, this is a sign of issues. Sometimes, the fluids require topping up. On the other hand, it could sometimes be a more serious issue. 

8. Emission Sensor

As you drive your vehicles, the dirty air flows through the mass airflow sensor. Over time, the contaminated air causes buildup problems on the sensor. When these issues happen, the sensor starts to offer faulty measurements. 

These wrong measurements will cause the ECM to adjust the mixture of air and fuel entering the engine. Unfortunately, the adjustment will not improve performance. You will notice rough idling, delayed response, and hard starts. 

9. Check Engine Light

Your check engine lights can come on for a comprehensive range of reasons. The major reason is that your fuel cap may not be adequately secured. Never ignore checking your engine light. Doing so can significantly damage your Mercedes vehicle and engine. 

10. Failed Air Suspension

All Mercedes do not have air suspension, but sometimes, these comfort features become more and more common throughout the Mercedes model range. You will know that your vehicle has this problem if it rides lower than usual. 

While driving, you may also hear abnormal sounds from the suspension. You may also notice that the compressor is not opening. 

11. Air Condition Weakness

In such an extreme environment in AL Quoz, Dubai, you are dependent on the solid performing AC system in your vehicles; if not checked, maintained, and disinfected regularly, A/C filtration systems can get blocked, fungus and bacteria can build, and operational gases can escape via defective seals. All these points can jeopardize the comfort and functionality of the Air conditioning. Yearly’s check of vehicles can save you expensive repairs in the long term. 

Schedule Your Mercedes Service in Dubai Now!

If you notice any of these problems, it is time to schedule your Mercedes repair and maintenance service immediately. This will prevent more severe damage from occurring.

A periodic maintenance schedule is an excellent way to prevent various issues. Our qualified and experienced team can provide advice and perform maintenance to avoid these problems.

Contact our skilled team and get a quote for Mercedes service, or schedule your Mercedes service in Dubai today. This problem affects high mileage Mercedes. If your car has more than 100,000 km, then you are required to have your suspension and steering maintained and inspected regularly. 

One of the best ways to prevent a major problem later is to keep your car aligned and balanced as a big part of a regular Mercedes service schedule. This will make sure all the components wear correctly and evenly. 

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