10 Awesome Tips you should know to Care your Car at home in Dubai

 10 Awesome Tips you should know to Care your Car at home in Dubai

If there is a pandemic situation or just you want to take care of your vehicle at home. You can follow some tips to take care of your car. We can’t just keep our vehicles parked in our garages. While this helps us to save money on gas, for the time being, there are still some things we should do to keep our automobiles in good form. You can also find some good car care centers in Dubai.

Indeed, it appears that, at least for the time being, we will not be traveling as regularly as we formerly did. Regardless of how often we will use our cars today or in the months ahead, we need to understand how to maintain them in good shape.

Tips & Steps to Care for your Car at home

Here are some tips that keep your car stays in fantastic shape even during this time:

Wash & Clean your Car

Many people overlook the interior, which is just as essential to purchasers as the appearance. Vacuum the matting and steam clean the seats regularly. After all, a spotless, odor-free interior can help you close the deal with potential purchasers. If you are not professional in disguising odors, don’t use too much air freshener or perfume. If you can’t do it yourself, you can get services of our car care centers in Dubai.

Because the searing heat and sunlight in the UAE can severely damage your car’s paint, always park it in a garage or a shaded parking spot. Because this isn’t always possible, consider purchasing a car cover. Bird droppings and plant saps, for example, can harm the paint. As a result, make an effort to clean your car regularly.

Maintain the condition of your upholstery by removing stains as soon as possible and cleaning the seat coverings as needed. Before taking your car to the market, give it a thorough cleaning to make it clean and shiny.

Protect Your Car Paint

Paint does a lot more than just make your car look good. It’s also the first line of defense for rusted body panels. Of course, parking the automobile in a garage is the greatest approach to protect the paint. If you don’t have a choice, park in the shade or get a car cover. UV rays from the sun tear down paint and cause it to fade. You can also avail yourself services of car care centers in Dubai.

Some car coverings contain a tiny layer of cushioning that protects against light impacts, such as from a tipped bicycle or a small falling tree limb, the sun, moisture, bird droppings, and dust.

Keep Your Engine Clean

If you discover that muck has accumulated in the engine, simply use a pressure washer to clean it. Before you begin, make sure all electrical items, such as the battery, wiring, and distributor, are disconnected and covered. When the engine is dry, you can rejoin them. Also you can get best services at Dar Al Madina’s car care centers in UAE.

Keeping your car clean, glossy, and good repair has numerous benefits. It will ensure that it lasts longer, but it will also make driving a more pleasurable experience for you. The major advantage is that it will help you beat depreciation and increase the resale value of your car. Even minor attention and upkeep can make a significant difference.

Less Driving

Driving at least once every 7 to 10 days has numerous advantages for your vehicle. First and foremost, it can help you avoid a dead battery, which occurs when a car is left inactive for an extended period. Another advantage of weekly driving is that it keeps your auto fluids in good circulation, ensuring that all of the moving parts of your engine are well lubricated.

Tyre Pressure

We’re all neglecting tyre pressure, but we shouldn’t. Low tyre pressure causes your car to burn more fuel, wear out the treads faster, and make it feel slow and unresponsive. Tires lose pressure over time, particularly if they are not used. You can also avail yourself services of car care centers in Dubai.

Check them at least once a month, and drive your car at least once a week to keep the engine parts oiled. It’s also good to park your car with wooden blocks underneath your tyres to prevent cemented surfaces from sucking the air out of your tyres.

Keep Top Up Fluids

Even throughout this time, keep the gas tank filled to prevent condensation and harmful amounts of gasoline fumes. Keep the fluids filled up as well to help prevent rust and corrosion. To remove acids and impurities, get the oil changed at regular intervals. Refill the brake, coolant, power steering, gearbox, windshield wiper fluids, and windshield wiper fluid.

Your Car Should Wax and Sealed

Consider waxing and sealing your car in addition to cleaning it. It helps protect and extend the life of the car’s paint, even when exposed to the outdoors. You can also avail yourself services of car care centers in Dubai.

Keep your Car safe and well-protected

Keep your automobile in a cool, dry location, such as a garage or a basement/roofed parking lot, if at all possible. It can aid in the prevention of vehicle-related crimes while also protecting your vehicle from the elements such as wind, dust, and rain. You can also avail yourself services of car care centers in Dubai.

Another option for protecting your automobile from the elements is to use a bag cover. Remember to select a high-quality cover that will enable your vehicle to “breathe” while still protecting it from dirt and debris.

Take good care of car batteries

Even though car batteries are typically advertised as “maintenance-free,” you should watch them. Look for evidence of leakage and clean the contact points with a battery brush, which you can probably obtain from a hardware store. In an emergency, keep jumper cables or a battery starter in the car.

Choose a reputed brand and ensure the replacement is the correct unit type when replacing the battery. You can sell one that works but isn’t up to standard, causing it to break more quickly.

Park Your Car in Shadow

Parking your automobile in a garage is always the best option. If one isn’t accessible, attempt to park your car in the shade to prevent inside damage from UV rays and heat. If there is no shade or driving under trees results in bird droppings, use a car shade to limit the sun’s influence.

On hot sunny days, you’ll benefit from stepping into a cooler automobile. There are two car shades: those that you unfold and place on the front and back windshields and pleated types that attach to the windshield posts, window frames, or the windows themselves.


Even if you don’t drive your car as frequently as you used to, you can keep it in good form by following Dar Al Madina Garage’s rules and tips at your home. Furthermore, whenever you need to go out and get your automobile repaired, remember to take extra precautions — wear masks and gloves. Even if you only drive your car once a week, it’s still vital to fill up on petrol, as previously said.

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