Top 5 Car Wash & Cleaning Service Stations in Dubai UAE

 Top 5 Car Wash & Cleaning Service Stations in Dubai UAE


Cars in Dubai are dusty most of the time due to the desert climate, demanding frequent washing. With so many car washes to select from, deciding on the best car wash service in Dubai might be challenging.

Furthermore, going to a car wash service in Dubai and waiting in line can be scary for many individuals; as a result, several convenient car wash concepts have emerged that provide a car wash right at their doorstep. I’ll look at the best five car washes in Dubai in this article:

  1. Dar Al Madina Garage
  2. Orange Auto
  3. MySyara
  4. AutoPro
  5. Keno Car Wash

Types of Car wash in Dubai

In Dubai, there are three types of car washes:

Car Washing by Hand

As the name implies, manual wash is done by persons without machinery. A manual wash costs more than an automatic wash, but it’s well worth it because it gives a good wash without damaging the car’s paint.

Auto Washing Service

Among the different car washes, this one is the most affordable. It’s not a good idea to use this type every time you go to the car wash service in Dubai because the machine cleans the vehicle with a lot of friction, ruining the paint.

Steam Wash

The steam wash removes the tough stains, but it is not guaranteed to harm the car’s paint. As a result, it’s best to do the steam wash now and again rather than every time you wash your car.

Dar Al Madina Garage

Dar Al Madina Garage is a leader in the automotive service technology industry. They began as a fuel delivery concept, then expanded their service offering to include car washes delivered to your home, as well as engine oil changes, battery replacements, and tyre replacements.

Dar Al Madina Garage has a variety of vehicle wash options:

Exterior Mobile Car Wash

Dar Al Madina exterior wash is an environmentally friendly car wash service in Dubai that uses high-quality wax sealant and microfiber towels to give your car a long-lasting Car Shine & gloss.

Exterior and Interior Mobile Car Wash

Your car will have a long-lasting shine, as well as be virus and 99.9% bacteria-free, thanks to their internal Anti-Bacterial process, which includes inside vacuuming, cleaning of upholstery, carpets, panels, and windows.

Steam Car Wash on Wheels

With the use of steam vapor, the outside and inside of your home are thoroughly cleaned. Removes oils, grease, and debris from exterior surfaces completely. Interior upholstery, surfaces, and carpet cleaning are included, as well as odor and bacteria removal and tyre foam detailing for a shine.

Sanitation with steam

Steam cleaning of the exterior and interior surfaces and antibacterial AC vent fumigation and disinfection of all interior surfaces.

Orange Auto

Orange Auto is one of the top places in Dubai to have your automobile cleaned. Highly trained and experienced employees will wash your car. They offer various washing options, including manual, automatic, and steam washing, all at reasonable pricing. It has a 4.4 rating and 566 Google reviews, making it one of the best vehicle garages in Dubai.

Orange Auto is a car wash service in Dubai that provides various car wash services such as steam cleaning, manual washing, and automatic washing. When you bring your car to Orange Auto for a car wash, both you and your car benefit from a better, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly wash.

Orange Auto is one of the few garages in Dubai that offers 3M Tinting Dubai, 3M Detailing, 3M Paint Protection, battery check and replacement, tyre maintenance, and oil change in addition to vehicle wash services.


You can pick between two car wash packages: AED 40 for a body wash, vacuum, and vehicle inspection, AED 70 for a body wash, vacuum, vehicle inspection, tyre shine, and nitrogen filling.


MySyara provides a convenient, reliable, and professional service for everything from mobile car washing and detailing to oil changes, diagnostics, and on-time servicing.

MySyara arrives with water, power, and all the tools needed to complete the job, all they need are your keys, whether you’re at home or work. You get free pick-up and drop-off with any major repairs and on-time vehicle servicing.

With a few simple steps, you may book a vehicle wash online: Download the app, locate your car, select desired service(s), select a convenient time and payment method, and confirm!

  • MySyara vehicle wash offers the following services:
  • Cleaning and detailing of the outside.
  • Cleaning and detailing of the interior.
  • For paint protection, apply a fast wax to the exterior.
  • Detailing of the engine bay
  • Virus eradication.


AutoPro provides a variety of high-tech manual and automatic car wash services in Dubai and valeting services that are specifically customized to your vehicle.

It’s an economical and time-saving option of services that guarantees your car always looks its best, inside and out, from a fast and convenient automated drive-thru wash to a full exterior and interior valet clean.

They offer three different types of car wash services in Dubai:

Auto Wash

In about three minutes, an automatic car wash service in Dubai facilities will clean your vehicle thoroughly. A pleasant and colorful vehicle wash experience uses three colors and three smells.

Washing by Hand

While you wait, the manual wash will clean the exterior of your vehicle. This manual service will thoroughly clean your car’s paintwork, alloy wheels, tyres, windows, and mirrors, removing sand, dust, and filth to leave your vehicle sparkling.

Xtreme Cleanse

Try the Xtreme Wash for the most thorough cleaning. The crew will clean your car’s whole exterior and engine by hand to ensure it appears brand new. This service includes a thorough cleaning of your car’s windows, mirrors, alloy wheels, tyres, and paintwork, as well as a deodorizing and sterilizing treatment to eliminate all dirt and grime.


Prices start at AED 35 for a basic car wash.


Keno is the most convenient, professional, and environmentally friendly car wash service in Dubai. It’s right outside your door. At the touch of a button. You can receive one of the top vehicle wash services in Dubai at your door steps:


It’s a good idea to wash your automobile at least twice a month as a general rule of thumb. If you reside in a dusty environment, you should always have your automobile washed regularly.

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